I’ve been training under Thomas for a year now and I have become much more health oriented and healthy in my life. If you are looking to change what your do to be a better person check out jujutsu, if you want to make awesome friends at the same time check out Ground Zero.

Cameron Davis

my daughter has been training Jiu jitsu since April of 2019 and she is now a gray belt and she really enjoys training with Thomas

Gaby Bello

Thomas is not only a solid Jiu-jitsu black belt but also a great person. won’t find better jiu-jitsu in Glenwood than ground zero

Howie Spratte

I have been training jiu-jitsu under Thomas’s instruction for 1 year. I started jiu-jitsu for a change in my workout routine and quickly became addicted to the sport. I have attended and participated in numerous tournaments with Thomas coaching. Thomas teaches in a way that I easily understand. He adapts his teaching style based on how each student learns. My son attends the kids class and I am amazed at the self confidence and personal growth I have seen develop in all of the kids as they learn. Jiu-jitsu is a great way to stay in shape and make new friends while learning a valuable skill. I highly recommend Ground Zero Glenwood Springs to every one of all skill levels weather you want to compete, or just learn something new. Come check us out.

Jessica Howell