Thomas Uylenbroek

is the founder and head coach of Ground Zero Fighting Systems Glenwood Springs (Roaring Fork).

Thomas Uylenbroek is a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt (April 2018) under Ashley Lockwood and Tim Dunlap of Ground Zero Huntington, WV both Black Belts under Jorge Gurgel under the SAS association. At GZ Huntington Thomas learned most of his jiu jitsu and received all his belts. In addition, he has trained extensively under Maxim Leijdekker from Rickson Gracie Holland where Thomas is originally from. He has also strengthened his Brazilian Jiujitsu with Judo, having trained with various instructors over the years both in the Netherlands and the United States. He has competed and placed in all sorts of grappling tournaments in both the USA and the Netherlands including F2W, Grappling Industries, NAGA, E.G.O., AGC and many other local and regional competitions and super fights.

As a lifelong martial artist, Thomas also has a great striking background. Thomas has kickboxed in the Netherlands and the United States, training under some great instructors. He has fought for King of the Cage and many other Mixed Martial Arts organizations as well as numerous smokers.

Most importantly for an instructor, Thomas has taught and coached students and team members to numerous successful Boxing, Jiujitsu and MMA victories.

Greg Wilson

is the purple belt assistant instructor at Ground Zero Fighting Systems Glenwood Springs (Roaring Fork).

Greg got his purple belt after over seven years of training under Brian Stuebner from Springfield BJJ who is a Black Belt under Ciao Terra and his association. Greg has been successful in all the major amateur competitions including IBJJF, NAGA and AGF. Greg has reinforced our team and diversified our knowledge with his approach to technique as well as his wrestling background. Bringing Ciao Terra techniques to our knowledge has widened all our understanding.