What to Expect as a BJJ beginner

Alright! you made the decision to change your life the minute you stepped on the mat congratulations your first few days made me a little overwhelming!

Just like it was whenever you first learned how to ride a bike it was awkward. You fell off, got back on and sometimes, you even scraped your knee. It’s a new activity and just like anything new, there will be a learning curve and an adaptation period.

Your abs will burn, your heart rate will be jacked, and you’ll sweat like nobody’s business. All of this is perfectly normal. That’s probably why you started; to get your butt in gear!

Here are a few things you need to remember while experiencing that first stage of white belt.

You are not going to die. (even if you feel like you might)

The most important thing that you need in your muscles while doing an intense workout is oxygen. If you are not breathing, you’re going to fatigue faster, think slower, and cut your reaction time in half.

For whatever reason, people tend to hold their breath when exerting a large amount of energy. This is counterproductive to how your body actually works!

You need oxygen in order to keep those muscles moving and the less that you breathe the faster you die.


Look, no one likes to get things wrong. But, in reality, no one gets things right one hundred percent of the time! You have probably messed up at pretty much everything you have ever tried and THAT is why you are better at it now than you were at your first experience.

You MUST mess up in order to see the paths that you are not supposed to go down. Even if your instructor says, “Hey man. Bad things happen when you go down that path.” You’ll still find yourself there. Not because you don’t believe them. You do. You just gotta see it for yourself! The more reps that you get the more chances you have to mess it up, fix it and eventually get it correct.

Look at it this way:

One day your mom tells you to wear your kneepads while you skateboard. You tell her yes but, you know you look like a dork and your friends are probably going to roast you.

So, you took them off as soon as you got outside. Shortly afterwards, you’re trying to do a cool trick and busted your knee wide open. Guess you learn to keep your damn knee pads on till you can do the trick correctly.

You are not winning or losing when you’re training. You are training Jiu Jitsu

This is an important one! If you can change the outlook of your training you will get more out of it.

It’s kind of a hard one to understand because, in the beginning, you literally are fighting to survive sometimes.

Don’t think that you’re winning or losing just because you got smashed or you beat up a white belt. You don’t win until you go to a tournament. THEN you win or you lose

Having a learning mindset can you help you excel in this sport more than most things. The right mindset can make a bad day in the practice room a great day for your Jiu Jitsu.

“Don’t Stop. Get it, Get it.”
(Keep Training)

You will not be good in a day.

You will not be good in a week or even a month.

You must be persistent and consistent in training.

It doesn’t mean that you need to train two to three times a day. It doesn’t mean that you need to take the hardest guys in the room every day.

All it means is that you need to become consistent. The more consistent that you are at training, the more consistent your lifestyle will become.

You want to do better in training, so you’ll check your diet. You want to be better in training so you’ll check your sleep pattern and quit staying up too late. You want to be better and continuing your training in jiu jitsu because it makes you a better human.

The difference between white belt and black is vast. The most glaring difference is most likely time.

You’re doing an awesome job. Keep training. You’ll be kicking ass in no time!