February changes

Small changes for February:

Sunday class added to be taught by Gregory Wilson

Kid’s class – I am making 1 kids class again. The 2 kids classes were unnecessarily splitting kids up and were too much for the kids who did both. So, now I will start my kids class at 5:00 and go to about 6:15. I will still be open at 4:30 for kids to come in early and play around, get changed, do their cartwheels, run, do some homework (??) etc.

Still looking to add a kickboxing class – we have awesome kicking pads courtesy of Lester Gherardini but I cannot spread myself too thin or everything else will suffer so I am looking for someone who can teach that.

We have grown a LOT this month and that is incredibly encouraging to me. Thank you all enthusiastic new members, it means a lot to me when I see you go out and purchase Gi’s etc on your own because it tells me that I am doing a good job in spreading the thing I love.