Corona virus COVID-19 and our academy


With the fear of the Coronavirus threat we are taking extra measures to keep the academy sanitized (more than normal) for all students and visitors. I am treating all areas with disinfectant regularly.

As the situation changes, so will our policies, but for now it is very safe to be in public.

I ask that all students and visitors who have a fever, symptoms of a respiratory infection, or have been exposed to a person with a coronavirus, the flu or any other diseases to stay home until symptoms have passed.

Classes will continue as normal and we ask that you do your part by washing your hands before class, after class, showering, keeping finger and toe nails clipped and clean, gi’s and undergarments washed, hair washed, and your flip flops/shoes sanitized. Please use the disinfectant wipes.

As long as we stay vigilant about the situation and do our part we can all continue on with our daily routines without any disruptions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

 If you are currently training and for whatever reason need or decide to sit out the virus, I completely understand. I ask you to continue your payments and contact me so we can have a gym left when the virus is done. I will be more than happy to compensate you with private classes etc to make up for lost training time, but we will need an academy at the end of it. Thank you for your understanding.